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Crayola Project Kits Friendship Bracelets Set

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4 Responses to “Crayola Project Kits Friendship Bracelets Set”

  1. norman manley says:

    This item was bought to add to a birthday present for a six year old. She loved it and spent hours creating and making braclets to share around.

  2. A. R. Park says:

    It’s very rear I leave a review but this product deserves one. It’s poor I brought it for my 5yr old daughters as a stocking filler, they were frustrated with the cotton constantly splitting as they tried to thread the beads. The contents was also minimal, with a low quality printed instruction sheet only the box was of a decent quality. Wonder why?

  3. Ms. S. L. Storey says:

    i bought 2 of these products from my 7 year old necie’s for christmas. they loved doing it and my sister said they kepts them quite, but once its finished they forget bout it, i would recommend getting more string and beads to keep them ocupied longer special over long holidays. but i even enjoyed teaching them how to braid the bracelets, once they knew how they where off for hours.

  4. J. Brazier says:

    Bought it for my 6 year old neices for their birthday and they had so much fun. Great

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