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Diamante Diamante – The Absolute Magic Starter Craft Kit

Product Information:

  • Starter Kit for assembling Hot-fix Rhinestones & Rhinestuds into printable motifs for garment decorations
  • More than 1,436 rhinestones & rhinestuds
  • 1 pencil & 1 pair of tweezer wiith Instruction leaflet
  • 8 pieces of transfer paper, also includes a sturdy & hardwearing container to keep all your bits and bobs in one place
  • 3 double-sided templates incl. wedding, floral, butterflies & insects, birthdays and also alphabets (upper/lower cases) & numbers (from 0-9) template

Item Description

An essential starter kit for beginners or even familiar users to keep all their bits and bobs in one place, small compartments in the box to separate different stones and studs. Comes with plenty of stones and studs to help you make designer’s motifs. There are also several templates for you just to trace over and lay stones on top of the sticky transfer paper; most thoughtful alphabet templates (already printed in reverse) to help finish required text quicker and easier! A chance to revitalise your old or last season’s clothing, bring it back to the contemporary time scale. A bargin to hunt for, as if one bought these individually, it would come to over £25.00! Yet another great offer from Diamante Diamante! See our whole range at

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