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Easy Origami (Dover Craft Books)

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5 Responses to “Easy Origami (Dover Craft Books)”

  1. H. D. James says:

    I ordered this book and it never turned up! so I wouldn’t bother ordering this book if I were you you’d be wasting your money

  2. Piparooney says:

    This an excellent introduction to origami for children. The projects are easy to do and the instructions are easy to follow. Children who are able to read would be able to follow some of the instructions themselves, but for other projects may need adult help to explain some folds.

  3. V. Osborne says:

    My children aged from 9 to 16 really enjoyed making origami shapes. However some of the shapes were too difficult to make.

  4. Mr. Mark Plant says:

    If you are looking for some simple models that are easy to make and fun to look at, then this is a good starting point. Here are 32 traditional Japanese models captured in a single volume.

  5. Terri Burke says:

    I received this product this morning 7/4/10, and already i have mad a dog, hat, house, and cup. And before today i had never tried. This book is very easy to understand, they are very basic shapes, but i think this is best as you can learn quicker, I bought Origami paper off EBAY, as i read it is thinner than normal copier paper so easier to fold, I find this completley true, but i am sure you will find your own convienent way. I am a nursery nurse and have some great ideas to show the children. So if you are interested in Origami, even if its just for curiosity this book has everything, including the brilliant price. 10/10 for me. Thanks

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