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Make a Sparkling Dream Catcher

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  • Create your very own dream catcher and hang it next to your bed.
  • It’s very clever as they say it catches all those bad dreams but lets the good ones through.

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5 Responses to “Make a Sparkling Dream Catcher”

  1. S. Northam says:

    A great idea for children who enjoy creativity and making things, and the concept of dealing with troublesome dreams is fab! This kit however is extremely fiddly, time consuming and of poor quality. The pouch of glue provided is useless…I ended up supplementing with super glue as was the only way to make the various theads and beads stick together. There is no way in a million years that a 5 year old could do it…a 10 year old would struggle without adult intervention.

  2. Anonyfinn says:

    So, you get something which you will spend as much as an hour, to be realistic on a leisurely day, making with your child. And then you get to keep the results, which can be rather ‘individual’.

    The fiddly bit that puts me off just a little bit I can explain as follows: see in the product picture that there’s a sort of net in the hoop. That’s made out of a single silver string, which you have to wrap around the outside of the hoop with suitable distances between each coil, and then start weaving the net from the first coils inwards. This may take a couple of tries, and results may vary, but you can do it over and again if you wish. Impatient children will have to wait half an hour for the glue to dry where the feathers are stuck on. After that, you hang it up.

    It seemed fun for my daughter even though I did most of the work, and she liked choosing which beads to use where, as well as the end result. Had it a year now, and only yesterday she told me she was happy to have it catching her bad dreams.

    No one’s going to say ‘wow’ receiving this gift in the same way as they would with a Wii or whatever it is that causes fireworks, and there’s not a lot in the box. But I think it’s a satisfying enough mini-present that deserves a go if you don’t mind some very minor craftwork.

  3. Mrs. A. C. Chesse says:

    looked everywhere in the shops for a dream catcher for my daughters room to stop her having nightmares. Found this one to be a great product for a little girl with the pink beads.she loves it.Great price too!

  4. Mr. Neil D. Cox says:

    My daughter really wanted a dream catcher and had the added bonus of making it. Nice idea.

  5. M. Williams says:

    This is not worth the money. It is recommended for ages 5+ but my 5 year old could not do it and it took me nearly 3 hours as it was so fiddly and such poor quality.

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