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Mould & Paint Glitter Fairy Plaster Kit

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  • Suitable for ages 5+

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  • Full Manufacturers Warranty

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5 Responses to “Mould & Paint Glitter Fairy Plaster Kit”

  1. L. Hayes says:

    I chose this for my friends 5 year old daughter, im not sure if she has done it yet – but im sure she will let me know when glitter covers the house !!!

  2. Blondemama says:

    This is a great set! I bought this after warily reading the review where someone said it would be better as a bin filler and I was pleasantly surprised. My 8 year old daughter absolutely loves it. I put the water in all at once by accident though, so took about 2hours to dry instead of 30 mins! We now have two glitter fairies on the fridge. Another broke because the plaster was too thin (1 pack of plaster fills up 4 and a half moulds) The trick with the magnets is to let the plaster dry completely before attempting to stick them on – as we found after one fell off with bits of not-quite-dry plaster stuck to it. My only complaint is really that the paint colours are not diverse enough, meaning that there was a pink, blue, yellow, white and purple. In my experience with paints it is much better to have all primary colours that you can mix on a separate palette, as we could not make red, a proper orange, brown or black which was quite frustrating. Other than that, it’s brilliant.

  3. E. L. Karanastasi says:

    the magnets all fell off as they weren’t chunky enough to stay in the dried plaster. The pins were good though, but unfortunately there were only 2 pins. Good way to pass a few hours in the holidays when it’s raining!

  4. Ms. Susan E. Humphrey says:

    I bought the Mould & Paint Glitter Fairy for my god-daughter for her 7th birthday. She was delighted with it and has achieved fantastic results and now I am a proud owner of a Glitter Fairy fridge magnet.

  5. Ms. L. C. Paine says:

    Glitter? Fairies? What’s not to like if you’re a young girl?? I got this for my niece and it was reported back that she had hours of fun with this kit.

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