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Owl – Woodcraft Construction Kit

Product Information:

  • Simply press out the pieces and slot together
  • Easy to follow numbering system
  • No tools or glue required
  • All pieces come pre-cut : Finished model can be painted or varnished
  • Completed model measures 18cm x 19cm x 11cm

Item Description

A lovely wooden puzzle, made from high quality plywood. This construction model kit contains 149 pieces and is recommended for 7 years+. The finished puzzle stands 18cm x 19cm x 11cm

Item Reviews

4 Responses to “Owl – Woodcraft Construction Kit”

  1. S. Raspin says:

    I bought this for my son (aged 9) to do during the summer holidays. It was a fun and challenging project for him and he really enjoyed doing it. It took him a few hours and he was very pleased with the result. The instructions are basic, but he worked it all out by himself. Can’t beat it for the price and there is no glue/painting involved, so no mess either! I don’t think my 7 year old daughter would have managed it though, so would recommend for kids from 8+ Will definitely buy other kits from this range.

  2. D. P. Buxton says:

    We bought the Owl kit as a christmas present for our 6 year old daughter who thought it looked great on Amazon.

    Although shes not 7+ as recommended we really believed she’d be able to manage. Unfortunately there was very little she could do herself and my husband had to take over and pretty much assembled the owl by himself.

    The instructions are incredibly basic and of little help. It was very frustrating when one piece was incorrectly fitted, half the owl had to be deconstructed in order to make the change.

    Neither my daughter or her father were impressed with the kit however the finished article looks very good. I’d recommend it for a child much older.

  3. Jaydee says:

    Owl – Woodcraft Construction Kit

    This is a very interesting kit to build. I’m retired and find this sort of kit helpful in keeping my brain and hands nimble, but I doubt if youngsters could complete it with some parental help, especially in selecting the order of assembly. A simple printed paper plan of some of the sub-assemblies would be useful.

  4. R. C. Reay says:

    This owl is so pretty I keep her on my mantle shelf. She provided hours of interesting creativity for my 13 year old granddaughter and would keep anyone from the age of 8 upwards entertained. Amazing value!

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