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The Big-ass Book of Crafts

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  • Author : Mark Montano
  • Binding : Paperback
  • DeweyDecimalNumber : 745.5
  • EAN : 9781416937852
  • ISBN : 1416937854
  • Label : Simon Spotlight Entertainment
  • Languages :
  • ListPrice :
  • Manufacturer : Simon Spotlight Entertainment
  • NumberOfItems : 1
  • NumberOfPages : 384
  • PackageDimensions :
  • ProductGroup : Book
  • ProductTypeName : ABIS_BOOK
  • PublicationDate : 2008-02-19
  • Publisher : Simon Spotlight Entertainment
  • Studio : Simon Spotlight Entertainment
  • Title : The Big-ass Book of Crafts

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5 Responses to “The Big-ass Book of Crafts”

  1. Sefika says:

    Its not totally what I expected but I’m really pleased with this book and have loved just flicking through it and picking up ideas and inspiration. I love modern kitsch so I loved the vibrant colours and use of patterns in these projects, if you are looking for elegant, understated crafts for your home though this probably isn’t the book for you.

    Some of the ideas and techniques are a little repetitive but there is enough variety to make it worthwhile.

    My only real problem came when I decided to try one of the projects. I found that most of the projects use things which the author obviously feels are readily available in the US but some of the materials are somewhat harder to find in the UK.

  2. Dagny Gunnarsdottir says:

    I love everything about it. Cant wait to start doing the stuff thats in that book. There’s nothing I dont like about this book. I think this one is a must for all of those who like to do crafts in their spare time.

  3. Sean OToole says:

    Containing more than 150 crafts, this book is bound to have some crafts that the reader will enjoy, but on the flip side will contain some crafts that they hate, or at least don’t try. The book is quite obviously American, from the light hearted tone, amusing introductions and abundance of popsicle stick crafts.

    The book contains a wide variety of crafts, including but not limited to: mirrors, magazines, frames, lights, window dressings, papier mache and even body crafts.

    As a whole, doing every craft in the book would take up a considerable amount of time and be well worth the investment, though the book has varying usability depending on how many of the areas you are personally interested in. Definitely a good buy for someone wanting to try a bit of everything.

  4. Chantelle Charnley says:

    I didn’t get as much out of this book as I would have liked- many of the projects were very DIY type projects, where I was hoping for more textile crafts. If you enjoy building things then this will be great for you, but perhaps not so good if you were hoping for something a bit less Bob the Builder! There is a section about health and beauty products, but to be honest none of the recipes were anything I haven’t already seen on various websites. However, the tapped tin photo frames are beautiful and I am definitely going to have a go at them! Bit of a mixed bag really…

  5. E. M. Flynn says:

    This book is awesome! Lavishly illustrated and full of projects that are innovative and creative, very well explained, and best of all, that you would really want to make and use – or make and give as presents. Using a wide range of easily available materials you can learn how to make candelabra out of shelf brackets, bowls and baskets out of old magazines, vases out of coloured pencils and plates with all sorts of fabulous designs. I’m off to make some feathers out of craft paper – what better way to spend an evening?

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